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Let's slow to grow beyond our beliefs

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my motivation

I acquired skill sets over the last few decades which have had a positive impact on my life and I wish for others to experience this too: to love themselves for who they already are, their unique bodies, their imperfections, and how they make a difference in this world. 

about me

I am a lovable, imperfect woman in her 40s who grew up as a sandwhich girl (two older & two younger brothers) in Germany.
I love to learn new skills which is sparked by meeting beautiful beings, hearing about their lives and knowledge and reflecting and applying this to my own and then distilling my learning to share it with others in my own ways. 

my background

My background is in psychology and business and I have a keen interest in art and crafts and music from paintings to quilting, drumming and dance. I am passionate about what I teach - I believe in it as I have experienced it. And I have the science to back me up too! And I love to laugh and find the humour in the unavoidable tragedies of life. 

work with me

 Are you looking to embrace life's challenges with open arms, eyes and heart? 

Then look no further, come join me on one of my courses to learn, laugh and grow together!